Louisa Higgins - Australia

School drop out
US$47,000 Per Month

Louisa Higgins De Conto now 40 years young was born in Hong Kong – originally from Australia & working her international business from various homes in Hong Kong, Philippines, Taiwan, Africa, Thailand, France, Belgium and Morocco – a great way to visit each country & now earn incomes from 20 countries!

She has NO BACKGROUND experience – a school drop out! She had no credit card or savings either when she started however she WAS willing to learn, the Work From Home System suited Louisa perfectly. Her income grew to US$12,000 a month by her 3rd year in business and by her 7th year achieved monthly incomes from US$ 20,000 a month to over US$47,000 in one month! This means ANYONE can do this business if they have the right attitude and are willing to learn the ropes to succeed!

"It's learning to work the numbers, helping others achieve their goals and being consistent – it’s a win win situation really" she says … Success leaves clues – You have nothing to lose but try!