Peter Svensson - Swindon, Sweden

English Teacher
US$10,000 Per Month

Hi Peter Svensson here, I grew up on a small farm in Sweden, and that's what I did for the first few years after school, farm work, I also tried construction work and liked it, however, I knew that physical labor not what I wanted to do until I got old. Instead I decided to travel, and so I did.
At the age of 28 I traveled to Tokyo, taking Japanese classes in the mornings and teaching English to kids in the afternoon, everything was fine, except I was very underweight and I was just making enough money for the basics in life.

By that time I was introduced to this Work From Home System, thanks to the products I gained 15 kg (from 52 to 67kg), over the next 4 years I making a good part time income and on the 5th year the business really took off and wow, my income grew from a few hundred dollars a month to 2000US$ - 5000US$ a month and in my 6th year my income rose to over 10000US$ - 15000US$ a month!
A farm boy from Sweden, with no skills except what I learned along the way, Yes growth can come quickly, but it took me five years to build that base. It has allowed me to do many great things, I am free to travel, take time out, I lived 2 years in Spain, (just 150m from the Mediterranean beach). I now live in the most beautiful country side I ever seen, 1 hour West of London. This Business really gives us the freedom of choice.
All the best in Health Peter