Gina - Cape Town, South Africa

US$5,000 Per Month

I was a housewife and mother with 3 small children when I got started in the business almost 13 years ago. I only had office admin experience and had never worked for myself before. I loved the fact that the company had a step by step system and would train me every step of the way.

I got a great product result, losing 19kgs and gaining incredible energy, I love to travel and with this Work From Home System I found the freedom to do so. I have traveled to 6 countries this year, from the Philippines, Malaysia, UK, USA, Canada and Dubai. I don't have to ask my husband for money, this is my business and I can work the hours I like, buy the car I like and do it around my family and build an international business that is now in 21 countries.

All I know is that if the company can teach me to grow my business from USD500 profit in my 1st month to USD5000 per month and still doing it part time, then I know You can do it as well. Thank you!
Gina Clifford-Holmes