Miti & Shai - USA

Engineer & University Graduate
US$20,000 Per Month

Miti was a Software Engineer, trying to run her own business in L.A. California. Stressed & tired. she ended up in a US$50,000 Bankruptcy: Stressed & Broke! She learned about the opportunity from a distant relative. She started to follow the international support system.

Shai, a university graduate, answered an ad in the newspaper. Within 6 weeks he earned an extra income of US$1,500 cash! “We locked arms and built a business around the world. Today we earn over US$20,000 per month“

"Last year we decided to come to Malaysia to expand our business in Asia. We enjoy the quality of life we are able to share together, the freedom to travel and work wherever we like, the friends we are making around the world and we know we can help so many people to change their life with this opportunity. It is just the beginning!"