Michaël Palmstierna Hamilton - Stockholm, Sweden

Professional Squash Player
US$1,500,000 Last Year

A former professional squash player in Paris, Swedish-born Michaël Palmstierna Hamilton bought and operated a sports club in France. But within a year, the business was failing, and Michaël found himself a million dollars in debt.

”I was preparing to close the club down,” he says, ”but before I did–thank goodness–a stranger walked in and introduced me to this Work From Home System.”

The former professional athlete experienced great results on the products, regaining energy levels he thought he’d lost forever. ”I decided this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” says Michaël,” and I got started right away.” Within a very short time, Michaël’s energy and enthusiasm had led him to build a rewarding business.

Today, with thousands of Distributors in almost 40 countries, Michaël travels the world, helping others realize their dreams, and retreats occasionally to his beautiful home in the picturesque European nation of Andorra, between France and Spain.