Daniela - Italy

University Student
US$10,000 Per Month

I met this Work from Home Business at 26. I was a Student in Economics and I needed 250 Euro to pay the rent of the flat. I had small jobs as accountant and wine seller over the telephone, in a call center, but - at the end of the month - my bosses didn't have the money for me! A co-worker of my father told me about this opportunity, so I went to a Business Presentation, a bit skeptical, just to make her happy... but I heard other people's amazing success stories, and I decided to learn more details. So I went to a 2-days Training, and this changed permanently my life: after 45 days I just earned my first 2.000 Euros! Since then, thanks to the Company, I started to fly around the World, now I have a wonderful lifestyle, bought 2 houses and now, as a mum, I can continue to build my career with over 7.000 Euros/month, at home, with my my two daughters.