Olivier Madel-Felicite - France

Marketing Graduate
US$1,200 Last Month

Hi, I'm Olivier from France. I'm a Marketing Graduate. I was in the corporate world for 15 years in services & recruitment in England, Germany, Spain and France and realized 2 things, one that I didn't want to carry on making other people rich, and that a JOB will always limit my earning because I couldn't bring real value to the market place. I was always looking for an opportunity where I could travel, meet great people and make a great income while really enjoying what I do. I decided to start this work from home system after a friend had told me about it 4 years before and more importantly because I had been made redundant. With a step by step training system provided and great support I started to make around 1000 EUR part-time by the end of 2009 after being qualified as a Supervisor in one month. After 4 months in the business, I am now doing it full time and look to make around 6000 EUR per months in 2010 and prepare my GET Team qualification. This is just starting because we will have the best growth in the
next 10 years and are looking to open 70 more countries.