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Our Core Products

Not just a shake, it's a sophisticated meal!

Formula 1 - a Healthy Meal
More VITAMIN A than a Mango
More VITAMIN C than a Banana
More PROTEIN than 65g Chicken Thigh
More FIBRE than 50g Broccoli
More CALCIUM than 200g Yogurt
More IRON than 115g Beans
…all this for just 220 Calories.
Eating healthy has never been easier & tastier!


Formula 1 - Nutritional Shake Mix

How important is your Nutrition?

Does your normal lunch give you all the Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals, Fibers and Calcium that your body demands? Do you get this even if you prepare your own meals? If you do prepare your own meals, is it 220 calories or less? Without sugar, carbohydrates, oil, fat and salt? I believe that you could be one of the 100's of millions of people around the world that does not get good nutrition. Don't worry, there is a simple and affordable solution, this is the solution that Herbalife has been bringing to the world for over 30 years, to over 150 million happy customers in over 95 countries - The Formula 1 - Nutritional Shake Mix.

Using Herbalife's flagship Formula 1 as your breakfast is the perfect nutritional start to your day. When you take delicious Formula 1 to replace your usual unhealthy meal you solve 1/3 of your nutritional problem! Instead of starting your day with a lack of nutrition, excess fat, and useless carbohydrates, now think about what you will be taking into your body - The perfect breakfast.

Formula 3 - Personalized Protein Powder

Next add Herbalife's Personalized Protein Powder to your shake and take the effects you receive to the next level. You see, the muscles in your body are the engines that move us, the calories we eat, especially carbohydrates, are the fuel. The more lean muscle we have in our body the more calories we burn, even sitting on the couch! So how do we add more lean muscle to our body? Eat more lean protein and stay active. There have been many books written about what is the perfect protein, especially Dr. David Heber's LA Shape Diet. Their answer is non-meat protein, mostly soy protein to be exact. The reason is proteins are the building blocks of muscle, and easy to digest, non-fat protein is almost all used to create lean healthy muscle. So the less useless carbohydrates we eat and the more soy protein, we change the equation in our body from one that adds fat and hurts our health, to one that efficiently burns more calories and gives us more energy!

We all have the magic amount of protein that is best for each one of us, and it is different for different bodies. That is why Herbalife allows you to add just the right amount of Personalized Protein Powder to your Formula 1 shake. Herbalife's Formula 1 and Personalized Protein Powder (Formula 3), together create the right balance in your equation of perfect nutrition.

Instant Herbal Beverage - The Rocket Fuel

Herbalife's amazing Herbal Beverage is the last key to the perfect breakfast, and to your nutritional answer. This natural, great tasting beverage will make you a believer the first time you take it. This powerful combination of herbs and a base of green tea will cleans and vitalize your body and give you amazing amounts of usable energy. You can take this great tasting drink hot or cold. Even those people who do not find coffee or caffeine drinks helpful will love this Herbal Beverage. No caffeine jitters or crash, just lots of usable energy. This makes Herbal Beverage great for sports training and competition as well as anytime you want more energy. No matter if your studying, driving long distances, or anytime you want to feel your energetic best! So Formula 1, Formula 3, and Herbal Beverage are the perfect combination for your perfect breakfast!

Shape up and get in the best health of your life with Herbalife's Healthy Meals

Just think about the problems most people face when they try and lose weight. They are hungry, get horrible nutrition, and lose muscle because they cut down on their protein intake as well as calories. Then they go off their diet and gain more fat and still have less muscle. Think about their energy equation, it just got worse. Now think about your energy equation with Herbalife. You have more lean muscle, you eat less fat, sugar, and other useless carbohydrates, and you detoxify your body so it can absorb the nutrition you are eating. What a difference!

So whether you want to slim down, lose weight, or train for the next triathlon, Herbalife's perfect breakfast is the right choice to radically improve your nutrition and still enjoy the foods you love.

Choose a great tasting shake based on our Dutch Chocolate, French Vanilla, Cappuccino, Strawberry or Tropical Fruit Formula 1! We have recipes based on water, fruit juice, soy or low fat milk and many other options. You can even make pies or other treats. Not only will you eat the perfect breakfast, you will not eat a bad one AND you will save money. Yes, the average Herbalife breakfast is far cheaper than the usual unhealthy breakfast we eat at home, or especially that we buy on the run! After a few days you will feel the difference and start to SEE it too! Because you are eating less fat and useless carbohydrates, you will start to reshape your body. This will show in less weight and centimeters / inches too.

You see, fat is bad for your waistline as everyone knows, but so are empty carbohydrates. This is the sugar, bread, pasta, rice, and all the extra calories your body can not burn because you are not active enough. If a carb is not used to create energy in your body, it is easily stored as fat. Now you see even more why the bad food is killing us and making us fatter.

Most of our breakfasts are fast, unhealthy calories. rice, nudels, toasts, sugar laced cereal, coffee with cream and sugar, fatty meats and sweet cakes. All this is the easiest food to turn to fat if you are not running a daily marathon! With Herbalife's Formula 1 you will get only what your body needs: soy protein, vitamins, minerals, water, healthy oils and fiber, plus you will save money, and the best thing is that it tastes wonderful! As always the big extra with Herbalife are the herbs. They cleanse and heal the body naturally, without this you do not get the full benefit of any nutrition because you don't fully absorb it to your cells.